ShenZhen Bi-rich Medical Devices CO., LTD
About Bi-rich

As you identify the strict and high standard for your medical device, there’s one name to know: Bi-rich. The company is a specialized manufacturer accumulating ample experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing diverse compressor nebulizers and suction machines. Strategically located in Shenzhen, close to Hong Kong, we enjoy convenient shipment and deliver our best condition medical devices to our most-valued clients in a fast manner. Our vast capabilities and proven strength in design and manufacture will take good care of you and offers the highest possible safety. Rely on Bi-rich to provide innovative and safe healthcare solutions!

Main Products
  • The BR-CN116 mini compressor nebulizer is one of our best selling products. The annual sales volume is over 300,000 sets. We pride ourselves in receiving zero complaints for this product. Noted for its good quality, the mini nebulizer has been exported as far-reaching as the United States, Russia, Japan, Poland, Israel and other countries.

  • Top notch craftsmanship effectively ensures a high level quality nebulizer.
    A compact structure and universal design means this jet nebulizer appropriate for users of all ages.
    A chamber is designed to hold all kits and power cord, convenient and energy saving.

  • The lovely cartoon design diverts children’s attention from drug delivery and decreases the pain during medical treatment.
    Children feel relaxed and clam when they play with this medical equipment.

  • With the purpose for a strong and firm body, the housing of this home nebulizer is made using ABS material. Its small size and easy use method contribute good sales performance on the market and wide application in many places.

  • This speaker-shape compressor nebulizer is designed with a handle, convenient and easy for users to carry. It can bear a maximum pressure up to 3 ba.This drug delivery device also features low noise, large mist and extensive application.


Cleaning and Maintenance
1. Turn the power off and unplug the device from the wall outlet.
2. Remove the tube from the air inlet.
3. Cleaning: Disassemble mouthpiece, nosepiece, cup, chamber and mask. Then, wash these items in warm water with detergent. After that, rinse them up with clean water thoroughly to remove the detergent. Lastly, place them in ventilation place.
4. Disinfection: Firstly, mix vinegar and hot water in a proportion of 1:3 in a clean container. Then, submerge mouthpiece, nosepiece, cup, chamber and mask for half an hour in the solution. Finally, remove from solution and air them dry.
5. There is no need to clean up the tube. If demanded, wipe the surface regularly.
Note: Nebulizer accessories including mask, mouthpiece, nosepiece, cup, PVC tube can be reused for 5 times.