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Pediatric Compressor Nebulizer, Monkey Design

Pediatric Nebulizer, Jet Nebulizer, Kid-Friendly Nebulizer

Four Colors of BR-CN001 Compressor Nebulizer
This type of pediatric compressor nebulizer is manufactured with an animal appearance and has won a patent for this special design. Specially manufactured for children, this kid-friendly nebulizer easily catches children’s attention and makes the aerosol therapy for kids easy and effective. As being the best choice for pediatric disease treatment, the jet nebulizer generates the mist in a stable and gentle manner. The particle diameter in the mist is only 3.0um, leading an excellent therapeutic performance.

In addition to the above mentioned advantages, the housing is made from ABS material and enjoys good crush resistance. This medical device is easy to clean, hygiene, environmentally friendly and shows no harm to human beings. Furthermore, the product is equipped with a silicone pad that minimizes the vibration and noise produced by the compressor and provides a quiet working environment.

Advantages of Pediatric Compressor Nebulizer
1. This pediatric nebulizer is adorable and child-friendly.
2. Its one-button design simplifies the operation greatly.
3. Effective and quick drug delivery is also realized.
4. This compressor nebulizer is also patented.

Technical Parameters of Pediatric Compressor Nebulizer
Model BR-CN001
Brand Bi-Rich
Certificate CE 0120 ISO13485
Features Adorable, child-friendly
Easy operation
Effective drug delivery
Ideal for all children
Specifications Power AC 230 V-50Hz or 120V -60Hz
Input power 160VA or 180VA
Capacity 6ml (cc)
MMAD ≦3.0 μ m (0.9% saline/ tested by Cascade Impactor)
Noise level ≤55 dB(A) ( at 1 meter)
Max. working pressure ≥35 Psi (345Kpa; 3.5 Bar)
Operating pressure range 9-16 Psi (62-110Kpa; 0.6-1.1 Bar)
Flow rate 5-8 LPM
Average nebulization speed ≧ 0.25 cc/min (0.9% saline solution)
Operation environment Temperature: 5℃ to 40℃; Humidity: 15 to 93% RH
Storage environment Temperature: -20℃ to 60℃ ; Humidity: 15 to 93% RH
Dimensions 230mm (Length) ×150mm (Width) × 190mm (Height)
Weight 1.38 KG
Accessories Nebulizer cup Qty. 1 pcs
Air tube Qty. 1 pcs
Mouthpiece Qty. 1 pcs
Nosepiece Qty. 1 pcs
Air filter Qty. 5 pcs
Mask Qty. 1 pcs for adult, 1 pcs for child
Packaging Instruction manual Dimensions 140mm × 98 mm
Material 80 lb copy paper
Print Black and white printing
Box Dimensions 210 ×180 × 230mm
Print CMYK 4-color with PP film surface coated
Material 300lb single-wall corrugated board
Export carton Dimensions 57.5cm× 23cm × 48cm
Material AB 5-layer corrugated board
Print Single-color PMS 202C printing
Qty. per carton 6pcs / carton
G.W. per carton 12 kg / carton
QTY. per 20' 2,700 pcs

Flagship Products
In 2015, we totally sold 231,394 BR-CN116 mini compressor nebulizers to the United States, Russia, Israel and Poland and received zero complaints.
In 2015, one of the best-selling medical devices, BR-CN118 compressor nebulizer was exported to Turkey, with a sales volume of up to 180, 125 pieces.
As for BR-CN136 compressor nebulizer, the mist speed and amount can be adjusted to the user’s adaptability.
For BR-CN151 audio compressor nebulizer, it is designed with stable performance and unique design, widely used in hospitals, sanatoriums and more.
The BR-CN133 pediatric compressor nebulizer is designed with an airplane cover and high durability, suitable for pediatric disease treatment.
Another popular model is BR-CN143 home use compressor nebulizer, which is economic and suitable for domestic use. A large quantity of this nebulizer has been sold to India, Pakistan and so on.

This compressor nebulizer quickly atomizes medicine into mist and administers the mist drug into patient’s lungs. It's most often applied in the treatment of cystic fibrosis, asthma, COPD and other respiratory diseases.

Cleaning and Maintenance
It’s better to use a piece of clean and dry cloth and mild detergent when cleaning the nebulizer.

For surface cleaning, please ensure the power is turned off and no electrical parts of the nebulizer get wet or dipped in water. Never put the compressor in water. You only need to clean up the surface with a damp cloth.

Cleaning and Disinfection after Usage
After usage, each part of the nebulizer should be dismounted and washed in detergent and then be disinfected for 10 minutes.

Precautions for Use
1. Follow the instruction of your physician to operate this product.
2. This nebulizer is intended for aerosol therapy only. And other use is not recommended.
3. Do not untwist the jet nebulizer during operation.
4. Do not pour more than 6ml of solution into the jet nebulizer.

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