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 White body   blue cover
White body blue cover

BR-CN136 Compressor Nebulizer, Adjustable Mist

Mist-Adjustable Nebulizer, compressor nebulizer for elderly patients, homecare nebulizer

Colors of BR-CN136 Compressor Nebulizer
White body + blue cover
Blue body + grey cover
Black body + red cover

Certified by CE0120, this adjustable compressor nebulizer is one of our patented medical devices. It's the first nebulizer that offers adjustable mist in China and better satisfies diverse customer’s requirements. Its low noise and excellent adaptability leads to wide application among all ages.

Attractive Advantages of Compressor Nebulizer
1. By turning the knob, user can adjust the mist in a proper speed.
2. A flip lid ensures convenient and easy storage.
3. This mist-adjustable nebulizer also shows smooth and silent operation.
4. With the assistance of this nebulizer machine, effective medication delivery is also ensured.
5. It's one of our patented products, with reliable quality and performance.
6. The nebulizer also passes CE 0120 standards.

Technical Parameters
Model BR-CN136
Brand Bi-Rich
Certificate CE 0120 ISO13485
Features Adjustable mist
Flip lid, convenient storage
Smooth and quiet operation
Effective medication delivery
Specifications Power AC 230 V-50Hz or 120V -60Hz
Input Power 160VA or 180VA
Capacity 6ml (cc)
MMAD ≦3.0 μ m (0.9% saline/ tested by Cascade Impactor)
Noise level ≤55 dB(A) ( at 1 meter)
Max. working pressure ≥35 Psi (345Kpa; 3.5 Bar)
Operating pressure range 9-16 Psi (62-110Kpa; 0.6-1.1 Bar)
Operating flow 5-8 LPM
Average nebulization speed ≧ 0.25 cc/min (0.9% Saline Solution)
Operation environment Temperature: 5℃ to 40℃ ; Humidity: 15 to 93% RH
Storage environment Temperature: -20℃ to 60℃ ; Humidity: 15 to 93% RH
Dimensions 270mm (Length) ×160mm (Width) × 97mm (Height)
Weight 1.8KG
Accessories Nebulizer cup Qty. 1 pcs
Air tube Qty. 1 pcs
Mouthpiece Qty. 1 pcs
Nosepiece Qty. 1 pcs
Air filter Qty. 5 pcs
Mask Qty. 1 pcs for adult, 1 pcs for child
Packaging Instruction manual Dimensions 140 ×98 mm
Material 80 lb copy paper
Print Black and white printing
Box Dimensions 175 × 105 × 31mm
Print CMYK 4-color with PP film surface coated
Material 300lb single-wall corrugated board
Export carton Dimensions 44 ×32.5 × 37cm
Material AB 5-layer corrugated board
Print Single-color PMS 202C printing
Qty. per carton 8pcs /carton
G.W. per carton 14.6 kg /carton
QTY per 20' 4,200 pcs

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