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 Green color
Green color

BR-CN152 Compressor Nebulizer, Adjustable Mist

Nebulize with Adjustable Mist, Nebulizer for Hospital Use, Breathing Machine

Available Colors of Adjustable Compressor Nebulizer
Green color
Green cover
Pink color

Advantages of Mist-Adjustable Nebulizer
1. By turning the knob, user can adjust the mist in a proper speed.
2. A flip lid ensures convenient and easy storage.
3. This mist-adjustable nebulizer also shows smooth and silent operation.
4. With the assistance of this nebulizer machine, effective medication delivery is also ensured.
5. It's one of our patented products, with reliable quality and performance.

Technical Parameters of Adjustable Compressor Nebulizer
1. Power: AC 230 V- 50Hz or 120V -60Hz
2. Input power: 160VA or 180VA
3. Rated current: 0.7A or 1.5A
4. Max. capacity of medicine cup: 6ml (cc)
5. Average nebulization speed: ≥0.25ml/min (0.9% Saline Solution)
6. Continuous operation: >24 hours
7. Max. working pressure: ≥35 Psi (345Kpa; 3.5 Bar)
8. Operation pressure range: 9-16 Psi (62-110Kpa; 0.6-1.1 Bar)
9. Flow rate: 5-8 LPM
10. Noise level: ≤55 dB(A) (at 1 meter)
11. MMAD: 3.0 μm (0.9% saline/ tested by Cascade Impactor)
12. Dimensions: 295 × 167 × 95 MM
13. Weight: 1.47 KG
14. Operation condition: 5℃ to 40℃, 15% RH to 93% RH
15. Applications: Hospital, clinic, atomizer room, nursing home, personal homecare.

Every compressor nebulizer will be packed with a box and air bubble bags. An instruction manual will be included.
Carton size: 44 × 32.5 ×37 CM (8pcs/carton)
Net weight: 14.0 KG
Gross weight: 14.6 KG
1 × 20″FT Container: 4240 pcs

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