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 Red cover   yellow bottom
Red cover yellow bottom

Compact Compressor Nebulizer

Asthma Machine, Respiratory Care Products for Elderly, Medical Device

Options of BR-CN126 Compact Compressor Nebulizer
Red cover + yellow bottom
Pink color
Blue cover + white bottom

This compact compressor nebulizer looks stylish for its curved lines. A huge grid is mounted for good heat dissipation, continued stable performance and high durability. The anti-aging power cord can be placed in the chamber, which effectively takes advantage of the space and make storage work easier. Normally, the atomization of compact compressor nebulizer has an atomization speed of 0.33ml/min, with a particle diameter of 3um. To this point, the compressor nebulizer has occupied 80% of the market share in Turkey, and realizes an annual sales volume of over 120,000 sets. There are three colors available: red, green and blue.

Compact Compressor Nebulizer Features
1. Effective medication delivery
2. One-button operation
3. Ideal for all ages
4. Small size and light weight
5. Low noise level

Technical Parameters of Compact Compressor Nebulizer
Model BR-CN126
Brand Bi-Rich
Certificate CE 0120 ISO13485
Features One-button operation
Ideal for all ages
Effective medication delivery
Small size and light weight
Specifications Power AC 230 V-50Hz or 120V -60Hz
Input Power 160VA or 180VA
Capacity 6ml (cc)
Particle size distribution 0.5 ~ 8μm ≧85% (0.9% saline/ tested by Malvern Spraytec)
MMAD ≦3.0 μm (0.9% saline/ tested by Cascade Impactor)
Noise level ≤55 dB(A) (at 1 meter)
Max. working pressure ≥35 Psi (345Kpa; 3.5 Bar)
Operating pressure range 9-16 Psi (62-110Kpa; 0.6-1.1 Bar)
Flow rate 5-8 LPM
Average nebulization speed ≧ 0.25 cc/min (0.9% saline solution)
Operation environment Temperature: 5℃ to 40℃ ; Humidity: 15 to 93% RH
Storage environment Temperature: -20℃ to 60℃ ; Humidity: 15 to 93% RH
Dimensions 140mm (Length) × 130 mm (Width) ×85mm (Height)
Weight 1.1 KG
Accessories Nebulizer cup Qty. 1 pcs
Air tube Qty. 1 pcs
Mouthpiece Qty. 1 pcs
Nosepiece Qty. 1 pcs
Air filters Qty. 5 pcs
Mask Qty. 1 pcs for adult, 1 pcs for child
Packaging Instruction manual Dimensions 140 × 98 mm
Material 80 lb copy paper
Print Black and white printing
Box Dimensions 170 × 150 × 175 mm
Print CMYK 4-color with PP film surface coated
Material 300lb single-wall corrugated board
Export carton Dimensions 64.5 × 17.5 × 37 cm
Material AB 5-layer corrugated board
Print Single-color PMS 202C printing
Qty. per carton 8pcs /carton
G.W. per carton 12.8 kg /carton
QTY per 20' 5,600 pcs

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