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Compressor Nebulizer, Adjustable Mist

Steam Inhaler, Adjustable Nebulizer, Compressor Nebulizer System

    1. Pediatric Compressor Nebulizer, Monkey Design This type of pediatric compressor nebulizer is manufactured with an animal appearance and has won a patent for this special design. Specially manufactured for children, this kid-friendly nebulizer easily catches children’s attention and makes the aerosol therapy for kids easy and effective.
    1. Powerful Compressor Nebulizer This powerful compressor nebulizer is manufactured with a strong motor and possesses several special features. Firstly, the internal storage chamber ensures all accessories can be well placed. Secondly, the handle design allows for convenient use in anytime, anywhere.
    1. Mini Compressor Nebulizer The BR-CN116 mini compressor nebulizer is one of our best selling products. The annual sales volume is over 300,000 sets. We pride ourselves in receiving zero complaints for this product. Noted for its good quality, the mini nebulizer has been exported as far-reaching as the United States, Russia, Japan, Poland, Israel and other countries.
    1. Compressor Nebulizer, Best Seller Top notch craftsmanship effectively ensures a high level quality nebulizer.
      A compact structure and universal design means this jet nebulizer appropriate for users of all ages.
      A chamber is designed to hold all kits and power cord, convenient and energy saving.
    1. Compact Compressor Nebulizer This compact compressor nebulizer looks stylish for its curved lines. A huge grid is mounted for good heat dissipation, continued stable performance and high durability. The anti-aging power cord can be placed in the chamber, which effectively takes advantage of the space and make storage work easier.
    1. Portable Compressor Nebulizer Among all nebulizers by our company, this portable compressor nebulizer has the smallest volume and lightest weight.
      The portable design assures treatment can be at anytime and anywhere.
      Low energy consumption and silent operation have been designed in this travel nebulizer.
    1. Home Nebulizer With the purpose for a strong and firm body, the housing of this home nebulizer is made using ABS material. Its small size and easy use method contribute good sales performance on the market and wide application in many places.
    1. Compressor Nebulizer, Speaker Shape This speaker-shape compressor nebulizer is designed with a handle, convenient and easy for users to carry. It can bear a maximum pressure up to 3 ba.This drug delivery device also features low noise, large mist and extensive application.