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Portable Suction Machine

Aspirator, Sputum Suction Machine, Phlegm Suction Unit

The portable suction machine has a compact design and a large volume of 1000 ml. Its powerful sucking capacity assures a flow rate of 16L per minute. It's recommended to be used in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, homecare, etc.

Outstanding Advantages of Portable Suction Machine
1. This sputum suction machine has a high degree of suction and vacuum.
2. An oil-free piston pump is used for powerful working performance.
3. By turning the button, users can select the most appropriate and secure pressure.
4. The overflow protection device can safely and effectively prevent the liquid from entering into the pump.
5. Bi-rich patented product

Application of Portable Suction Machine
This AC-powered suction machine is designed for removing phlegm from patient’s airway and unsuitable for use in chest drainage or gynecological drainage. It's most often used for elderly patients in daily life or during surgery.

Technical Parameters of Portable Suction Machine
1. Power: AC220~230V 50Hz
2. Input power: 160VA
3. Max negative pressure value ≥70Kpa (0.7 bar, 525mmHg)
4. Range of negative pressure: 20KPa- max. negative pressure
5. Flow rate: ≥16 L/min
6. Volume: 1000 ML
7. Noise level: ≤60 dB (A) (at 1 meter)
8. Dimensions: 280 × 195 × 245 mm
9. Weight: 3.0 KG
10. Operation Condition: 5℃ to 40℃, 15% RH to 93% RH

Precautions for Use
1. Before usage, inspect the suction machine and accessories, avoiding mechanical and functional damage.
2. Read the safety label carefully.
3. Inspect the fuse to ensure rated current and secure circuit.
4. Use the device properly as described in the instruction manual.

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