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About Bi-rich

Located in Shenzhen and close to Hong Kong, Shenzhen Bi-rich Medical Devices Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of nebulizers and suction machines. In order for quality assurance, we conduct all manufacture programs on our own, from 3D drawing and material purchasing to mold injection and product manufacture.

The modern and advanced manufacture workshop houses 6 production lines and is staffed by 100 committed employees, which allow us to produce 3000 compressor nebulizers and 5000 nebulizer motors every day. Today, we have gained a market share in Turkey, Poland, India, Italy, Israel, Romania, the United States, Russia, Egypt, Philippine and so on.

Main Equipment
1. Temperature and humidity test chamber
2. Salt spray tester
3. Cable bending tester
4. Simulated vibration tester
5. Noise test lab
6. Fire resistant tester
7. Auto screwing machine
8. Shock wave tester

Exhibitions and Fairs
We attend many medical activities every year to introduce our high quality nebulizers and suction machines to more people.

In 2015, our medical equipment appeared on the 31st Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMHS) in Seoul. The booth No. was D342.

In May, 2015, we also took part in China International Medical Equipment Fair in Shanghai. The booth No. was H7.1-J41.

From Jan 27th to 30th, 2014, we participated in Arab Health Fair in Dubai and our booth No. was Z4N136.

In 2014, we displayed our medical equipment on Mosco Fair in Zdravookhraneniye. Our booth No. was 1B66.

In 2013, nebulizers and suction machines by Bi-rich can also been seen in the Egypt Mediconex Fair. The booth No. was 1D19.

In2012, we took part in Hospitalar Fair in San Paulo. The booth No. was J1-101.

In 2011, our products showed on the Medica Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. The booth No. was 71B04-4.

From 20th to 23rd, 2011, we showed our medical instruments on China Sourcing Fair: Medical & Health Products in Hong Kong. The booth No. was 9C3

Main Advantages of Bi-rich Medical Equipment
1. We run salt spray test on each nebulizer to test the durability and stability.
2. 100% standard power cable test is also carried on each product.
3. Before packaging, each nebulizer and suction machine must undergo strict aging test.
4. All motors, accessories and mask kits are manufactured in our factory.
5. Our company enjoys a 90% market share in Israel, 70% in Turkey, 50% in Russia and 40% in Poland.
6. All products by Bi-rich are certified to CE0120, FDA, ISO13485, SFDA, INMETRO, EURO FSC and GOST Standards.
7. The company is equipped with a powerful quality system team, responsible for IQC, IPQC, FQC and QA. The team totally has 10 skilled workers.
8. We accumulate over 6-year experience in the design and manufacture of nebulizers and suction machines.
9. Each member of the sales team possesses an industrial experience of over 4 years, always ready to resolve your doubts and questions.

Sales Performance

In 2015, we totally sold 231,394 BR-CN116 nebulizers to the United States, Russia, Israel and Poland and received zero complaints.

In 2015, one of the best-selling medical instruments, BR-CN118 nebulizer was exported to Turkey, with a sales volume of up to 180, 125 pieces.

As for BR-CN136 nebulizer, the mist speed and amount can be adjusted to the user’s adaptability.

For BR-CN151 nebulizer, it is designed with stable performance and unique design, widely used in hospitals, sanatoriums and more.

The BR-CN133 nebulizer is designed with an airplane cover and high durability, suitable for pediatric disease treatment.

Another popular model is BR-CN143 nebulizer, which is economic and suitable for domestic use. A large quantity of this nebulizer has been sold to India, Pakistan and so on.

With the ambition to offer the best possible quality medical equipment to clients, we have always been committed to our job and receive no customer complaints. With the proof of markets and customers, we have established well-respected reputation in the industry and have already maintained 118 old clients, among whom, over 25 customers have collaborated with us for 6 years.

Bi-rich! Bilateral rich! Welcome to contact us, let's start from here!