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Company Tour

By the use of company tour, customers may gain a comprehensive understanding about who we are and what we do.

Entrance Gate

Factory Building
Our factory was established in May, 2010, with an area of 5,000 square meters and 100 workers.

Reception desk
Our employees are always ready to receive customers all over the world.

We employ 8 foreign trade salesmen, 10 QC workers and 4 engineers.

Compressor Motor Workshop
Compressor motor workshop is used for producing nebulizer motor, making sure everything is under control.

Coil Winding Operation
When it comes to coil winding operation, we offer 120~240V50/60Hz voltage to meet different manufacture requirements.

Pressure test
We conduct industry-standard pressure test in order that each medical device works well.

Nebulizer workshop
Nebulizer workshop mainly carries out these procedures, manufacture, assemblage, packaging and delivery.

Noise Test Room
Every finished product must be sent into this noise test room. Aside from noise test, we also conduct many other test and inspection. The FQC (Final Quality Control) program includes various testing items, like electricity, pressure, flow rate, color, appearance, scratch, etc. By doing so, each piece of medical equipment manufactured by Bi-rich meets customer’s requirements and industrial standards.

Mask Kit Packaging
A standard mask kit includes a 6cc cup, a PVC tube with an O.D. of 6.0mm and length of 1.5m, an adult mask, a pediatric mask, a mouthpiece, a nosepiece and 5 air filters. All these accessories are manufactured by ourselves.

Silk Print
We can print the customer’s logo on the device.

Nebulizer Cup Inspection
We run strict test on each up to assure the mist is strong and continued as the cup is a key part in nebulizer.

Power Cable Inspection
Each cable must undergo series of testing and inspection to make sure every power can work normally and continuously.

Cable Bending Tester
Cable bending tester to make sure power cable is durable enough for long-term usage.

Simulated Vibration Tester
This tester simulates the vibration and shake that may happen during the transport and delivery, making sure our medical equipment will not break under strong impact.

Operation test
Before packaging, each nebulizer must go through this test for half an hour to guarantee stable operation for long time.

Automatic Warehouse
The automatic warehouse makes the product stock-in and delivery much more convenient and easier. What's more, we employ electric fork trucks, which make our work more efficient.