Out well-established service team provides honest and professional help, which in turn enables us to shape our company’s reputation and brand image.

We send free samples and cover all freight fees.

100% quality products are guaranteed for one year.

We are permitted to do international trading and have export rights. We can deliver and ship the goods from Shenzhen to the destination that customer appoints. Additionally, strict inspection and test will be carried out.

After Sales Service
We promise all complaints and doubts will be settled within 24 hours after we receive your call or email.

OEM and ODM service for the entire product line is available. The client’s logo can be printed on our medical devices. Plus, we also offer gift-box design and any other packaging customer request.

Cleaning and Maintenance
1. Turn the power off and unplug the device from the wall outlet.
2. Remove the tube from the air inlet.
3. Cleaning: Disassemble mouthpiece, nosepiece, cup, chamber and mask. Then, wash these items in warm water with detergent. After that, rinse them up with clean water thoroughly to remove the detergent. Lastly, place them in ventilation place.
4. Disinfection: Firstly, mix vinegar and hot water in a proportion of 1:3 in a clean container. Then, submerge mouthpiece, nosepiece, cup, chamber and mask for half an hour in the solution. Finally, remove from solution and air them dry.
5. There is no need to clean up the tube. If demanded, wipe the surface regularly.
Note: Nebulizer accessories including mask, mouthpiece, nosepiece, cup, PVC tube can be reused for 5 times.

1. The jet nebulizer must be changed if it gets clogged.
2. The nebulizer and accessories must not be used under high temperature.